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Text Chat - Interact in real time with visitors to your web site. View Demo

Real Time Traffic Monitoring - Monitor your web site traffic in real time. Track what pages customers visit, where they come from and how much time they spend on your site. View Demo

Web Based Administration - View statistics, add accounts or modify features from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser.

E-Mail Signature - Allow customers fast access to your personnel by adding Livehelper buttons to your e-mail signatures. View Demo

Operator to Operator Chat - Operators can chat with any other operator logged in under your company, even if the operator is logged in from another office or a remote location. View Demo

Customizable Button with Status - Create custom buttons for your web site that integrate with the style of your site and change depending on the availability of assistance.

Support Schedule - Outside your company's normal business hours, customers are notified of the next time that your online personnel will be available. Customers also have the option to leave an electronic message, automatically sent to your e-mail address. View Demo

Groups - Divide your personnel into categories allowing calls to be routed to specific departments.

Hyperlinks and Images - Include clickable links and images in your text chats.

Typing Indicator - Allows both the operator and the visitor to know that the other side is busy composing a reply.

Preset HTML - Include HTML elements and formatting in your text chats.

Chat Transcripts - Review the transcripts of any chat that takes place on your site, online 24 hours a day, to check for consistency and quality.

Basic Stats - Basic operator statistics including Call Volume, Average and Total Call Time.

Preset Text Messages - Save time and ensure consistency by storing common responses for fast access.
View Demo

Real Time Spell Check - Identify and correct spelling mistakes as you type. View Demo

Transfer - Transfer calls from one agent to another in real time. View Demo

Push Pages - Instantly send your visitors directly to the page they're looking for. View Demo

Visitor Profile and Info - Operators have instant access to a profile of the visitor containing computer information, pages visited, previous chat transcripts and operator notes.

Customizable Interface (Skins) - Customize the customer chat box to match your own logo and color scheme. View Demo

Pull and Live Interaction - Proactively offer users help with the click of a button.

Survey - Poll customers after they have completed a chat to ensure customer satisfaction. View Demo

SSL Secure Chat - Encrypt chats up to 128bit to ensure privacy and security.

Routing Configuration - Customize how calls are routed based on group, status and call volume allowing your staff to be used as efficiently as possible. View Demo

Real Time Chat Monitoring - Administrators can view conversations as they occur, interject comments or take over the call if the operator is not properly handling the issue.

Operator Conference - Hold staff meetings online with both local and remote participants.

Voice Chat - Talk with customers in real time over the internet with our VOIP solution.

HTTP Remote Control - Remotely control a user's computer to fix technical issues and demonstrate software. Redesigned for Version 4.0, remote control is now fully http compliant.

Remote Illustration - Create diagrams and illustrations during a remote session just like a white board.

Co-Browse / Follow - Sync the operator and visitors browser allowing operators to give guided tours or visitors to demonstrate where they run in to problems.

Form Sharing - During a Co-Browse session forms can be synced so either party can make changes and the other parties' form is automatically updated.

Ecommerce and Traffic Stats - generate more than 30 customizable reports containing graphs that are exportable to word or excel. Reports include: Page Views, Unique Visitors, Referrers, Sales, Customer Details, Visitor Profile, Operator Efficiency and more.

Advanced Sales Tools (Actions) -
Create automated actions on your web site. For example if a visitor looks at a DVD Player but doesn't make a purchase, e-mail them a coupon or if a customer adds more than $500 to their shopping cart alert an operator and proactively offer them help.















































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