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     From the Browse List, customers can be proactively contacted using 2 features we call Pull and Live Interaction. Pull allows you to select a customer from your web site and send them directly to a text chat. For example if a visitor has been moving around on the site for a while and appears to be lost you could pull the client in to a chat and ask if you can be of assistance. Live Interaction allows you to send special offers and promotions to specific visitors on your web site. Simply select a visitor and the name of the promotion and a customizable advertisement will scroll across their screen.
     Your operators are able to login in and take calls using the Livehelper Operator Software.  When an operator first logs in, their status is automatically set to available. When they receive a call their status changes to unavailable. If the operator would like to they can simply click on the status area to make themselves available for another call. Displayed to the right is an example of how an operator would select his or her status.  Click Here to view an example of the main window of the Livehelper operator Software.

     When a visitor to your web site clicks on your Livehelper button and selects to enter a chat, their call is automatically routed based on your companiesí settings. If all operators are currently busy the call is sent to the queue or Q List. This list displays information about all the calls waiting to be answered. An operator can take one of these calls by clicking the Select Client button. When an operator completes a call they automatically receive the next call in the queue.  Click Here to view an example of the Queue List.


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